Organic Valerian Root

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Organic Valerian Root

When it comes to relaxing your body and mind, nothing can do it better than Organic Valerian Root! There are so many natural health benefits of Valerian root and flower that is it called “all heal” in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It has powerful natural medicinal properties that allow your mind and body to fully relax so you can feel better from many painful and nervous system related issues without excess sedative effects.


Valerian comes from the Latin word Valere which means to “feel good or be well.” It creates a feeling of general wellness and calmness in your brain, nervous system and body. It can help you overcome chronic twitches that you may not even be aware of, but others are. It helps reset your nervous system so you can feel balanced and totally at ease, even in normally stressful situations. Choosing the best organic valerian root extract is essential as the chemicals in non-organic extracts can add things you don't want or need in your body.


Valerian Uses


Uses for Valerian Root

What are the main Uses for Valerian Root? Valerian root is a naturally calming herb so it is used primarily for excess nervousness. That makes it good for chronic insomnia, anxiety disorder, panic, sweaty palms, social nervousness, palpitations, and to help you through a lot of phobias where your nervous system is over activated. It helps your body and mind relax naturally so you can have clearer thinking with a calm and focused mind.


It can be used day or night during exceptionally stressful conditions, like before giving a speech, meeting new people or during a business meeting or court appearance. How you feel affects how you look and how you appear to others. Valerian root can help you stay calm and focused in the eye of the storm. In fact it is one of the best studied herbs with true scientific studies with real people to back it up, see Valerian Root Facts.


Valerian Benefits


Benefits of Valerian Root

What are the top Benefits of Valerian Root? Valerian root has some exceptional benefits for your health; mental, emotional and physical. Valerian flower and root can be taken internally as a tea, powder, extract or liquid. It can also be applied topically (Valerian Essential Oil) on sore muscles, and is good for back and sciatica pain because of it's muscle and nerve calming effects.


Here are the most common Health Benefits of Valerian Root:

  • Natural Sleep Aid (Insomnia Relief)
  • Helps Prevent Sleep Apnea
  • Natural Anxiety Relief (Helpful for Depression too)
  • Natural Remedy for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Natural Remedy for ADD/ADHD
  • Natural Sedative (Non-habit forming)
  • Natural Stress Relief
  • Natural Remedy for Muscle Cramps
  • Natural Remedy Nerve Pain and Sciatica
  • Relieves Menopause Symptoms (Particularly Menstrual Cramps)
  • Stabilized Blood Pressure (Natural Balance)
  • Helps with Nausea and Digestive Problems
  • Natural Migraine Relief
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Natural GABA Booster
  • And much, much more!

As you can see Valerian Root has a lot of relaxing benefits, particularly when you use an organic Valerian extract.


Valerian Sleep Aid


Valerian Root for Sleep

Valerian Root for Sleep is by far the most common use of Valerian root and extract. I use it for that purpose when I really need to get a good night's sleep and be able to wake up fully in the morning. Valerian root helps you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep for 6-8 hours and most nights not even get up for those early morning bathroom breaks.


Valerian is non-habit forming and acts like a natural sleep aid, that you take 30 minutes before you sleep so when your head hits your pillow you feel comfortable and your mind and body can get a good restorative sleep. It is a nervous system tonic so it helps calm excess twitching, moving around and overthinking so you can actually get to sleep without counting sheep. It can even be combines with the best cbd gummies (which is my favorite sleeping routine,) one dropper of valerian and an organic CBD gummy. It works like magic for me.


valerian root versus melatonin


Valerian Root vs Melatonin

Valerian Root vs Melatonin, which one works best for most people? Most people are familiar with melatonin and its benefit for sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted (made) by your pineal gland that keeps your body's clock properly balance. When it's day; you're awake. When it's lat night, you sleep. Melatonin helps your body clock stay on course. It's great for traveling through time zones or when you work nights. It is very mild and some people say it has no effect on them at all. Some timed release melatonin can make you feel drowsy when you wake up.


Organic Valerian Root is a natural sedative herb. It is a lot more powerful than melatonin but will get the job done when you need a good nights sleep and melatonin alone isn't working for you. I take melatonin occasionally because it does have an antioxidant effect. When I want to make sure I get a good night's sleep I take Organic Valerian Root! Make sure you are taking organic valerian extract because the non-organic varieties have pesticides which harm your nervous system and immune system instead of help it.


valerian root side effects


Is Valerian Root Safe?

Is Valerian Root Safe? Organic Valerian Root is recognized by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe.) Valerian Root Side Effects are almost non-existent, and it has been used for thousands of years safely. If you are pregnant or nursing be sure to check with your health care professional to make sure it is safe for you, as you may be taking specific medicines that may make you overly drowsy, particularly other sedatives.


It is also recommended to limit alcohol consumption when you take organic valerian root as both are sedatives and can have a more profound drowsy effect. Same goes for other prescription sedatives. It is highly safe under normal conditions for people of all ages, even your four legged loved ones.


valerian root for stress


Valerian Root for Anxiety

Organic Valerian Root for Anxiety and Stress. Natural Valerian root extract is one of nature's best anxiety and stress relieving substances on the planet. It helps for all types of anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, PTSD, OCD, ADD, ADHD and does so without negative side effects or being habit forming. It helps stop excess nervousness, sweaty palms, and over worrying about things that haven't happened but you are nervous about. You just feel calm, confident and in control.


Organic valerian root extract can be taken any time of the day or evening. If you take it at night, get ready to sleep because it is the #1 natural sleep aid on the planet, more powerful than melatonin without waking up feeling drowsy. It is safer than prescription medicines and works better because you don't feel all zombied out, just calm, cool and in control. No need for heavy medicines or addictive ones.


Valerian Root for Kids

Organic Valerian Root for Kids is really helpful for children with social anxiety, nervousness, ADD, ADHD, OCD and other brain and nervous system over-stimulation type conditions. It is safe but always check with your health care professional before giving it to them, particularly if they are on prescription medicines as it will make sedatives work even stronger.


Valerian Root for Dogs

Valerian Root for Dogs with anxiety, joint pain, nerve pain or insomnia can benefit greatly by using a little valerian on their dog food, treats or in their water. Small dogs can use 1/2 a dose, and larger dogs can use a full dose. Valerian Root for Cats and Dogs, and even Horses can help them relax when they feel stressed out. It can help stop nervous peeing, crouching and excessive barking and even being too timid.


valerian root dosage


Dosage for Valerian Root

Dosage for Valerian Root is not yet standardized. You will want to look at the individual packaging on your supplement. Valerian Root Extracts are more powerful and little is needed, usually a dropper full or less is sufficient to help you relax, sleep or relieve anxiety and muscle or nervous system pain. Organic Valerian Essential Oil can be applied topically usually in a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Drops of it are all you need. Organic Valerian Root Capsules take about 20 minutes to begin working but it allows you to gently ease into calm, relaxation and restful sleep.


valerian essential oil


Valerian Root Essential Oil

Organic Valerian Root Essential Oil is a great way to get the benefits in a fast way, as inhaling is the fastest acting way to get to your brain and nervous system. Get an essential oil diffuser and it will give off the scent of the oil in the air and you get the benefit without taking any supplement. You can also rub it onto your skin and it will be absorbed quickly too. It is great for muscle cramps, pain, sciatica and nerve pain. The best wildcrafted (grown in the wild without pesticides or chemical fertilizers) and organic essential oils is from Jade.


They are by far the lowest prices too (sometime 2 to 3 times less expensive than Young Living Oils or DoTerra at a higher quality! It is a simple organic essential oil company based in Utah where everything is grown and harvested organically, with no pesticides or GMO contamination. For more information visit: Jade's Organic Valerian Essential Oil and get the best essential oils for the best price. Once I tried it I was hooked and now have a nice little collection of healing, rejuvenating and energizing essential oils for any occasion. Valerian root is a very fragrant herb so I personally prefer taking it with a little juice to mask the very herbaly flavor and scent.



Where to Buy Valerian Root

Where to Buy Valerian Root? To get the best Valerian root extract I highly recommend you get only wildcrafted or non-GMO organic Valerian root like Organic Valerian Root extract (pictured above.) The more concentrated the easier is is for your body to use as there is no waste. Herbs absorb things from the soil they are grown in so non-organic herbs and foods have concentrated pesticides in them and you don't want them because they cause ill health not better health.


Valerian Root extract does have a potent flavor and if you don't care for things that taste “herbaly” then you can get the same quality organic valerian root extract in capsule form. They are easy to swallow and work in about 20 minutes to bring a sense of deep calm and relaxation, perfect for entering a restful sleep. To get the best organic Valerian root extract in capsules for sleep or anxiety relief I recommend Sleep Support Herbs with Valerian capsules.


Organic valerian root extract is commonly combined with California Poppy because it is very relaxing (kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz discovered!) Organically grown and harvested herbs without the use of toxic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which is highly important in herbal extracts. I use it when I need a good nights sleep or want to feel calm in a potentially stressful situation. It works like nothing else, and you won't feel groggy the next day either. To get yours today and see how good it works, visit: Organic Valerian Root Extract with California Poppy.


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