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Cannabinoids are the medicinal active components of cannabis and cannabis extracts like hemp and CBD oils. There are so many Cannabis Benefits that it would take a whole encyclopedia to list the health benefits of cannabis extracts alone. There are also CBD oils that you can take internally or apply topically on medical conditions that nothing else will heal. Cannabinoid is extremely haling in your body, and in fact you have endogenous cannabis receptors in your brain and body!


If you were not meant to take it you would not have specific receptors that unlock the benefits of CBD and THC in your body. There is a huge amount of research showing the benefits of cannabis and cancer healing. It even helps against the effects of toxic chemotherapy cancer treatments that rarely work and poison your body and kill off your immune system. Cannabis actually stimulates your immune system and allows your body to shrink off tumors naturally. It also heals a host of serious and chronic diseases and even mental conditions, which is shown below. 


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Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis Cures Cancer! There has been a cannabis and cancer healing link for decades now. The research shows it, and it had been covered up in the past because the pharmaceutical companies will go out of business when people know they can use natural alternatives that actually work and don’t have the same dangerous side effects or extreme costs. It can still cost a bit now, but the price is coming down as more people are discovering it, and the more places it can be used legally for medicinal purposes or to increase your overall health.


It has multiple delivery methods too like inhalation, ingestion, and topical. It can be smoked, eaten, taken as cannabis pills, used as CBD oil and Cannabis Extract Cannabinoids. The main thing is that you begin using it instead of the more harmful substances like chemical medicines and even overuse of alcoholic beverages. I do love my organic wines as they are healthy if you have a small glass or two. But the benefits of CBD outperforms almost any other natural substance. 


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Synthetic Cannabinoids

What are synthetic cannabinoids? They are a chemically created cousin of natural cannabis but with dangerous and even life threatening consequences. It is typically used as a “designer drug” as it affects the brain more powerfully than most natural cannabinoids but is very unpredictable and can lead to all kinds of serious health problems. It is the exact opposite of natural or organic cannabis extracts, CBD Oils and other natural weed products.


If you are want to use natural hemp oil or cannabis to cure a serious health issue, or improve your health, steer clear of the synthetic cannabis products at all costs. Look at the health benefits of natural cannabinoids below:



Cannabis Benefits

There are a tremendous amount of Cannabis Benefits that provide a natural healing and enhancement effect in your whole being (mind, body and spirit.) These medical benefits of cannabinoid extracts help every organ in your body and protects you from serious health issues that modern medicine still can’t. Not to mention cancer! It stops the painful symptoms of most chronic diseases without the sometimes fatal side effects of prescription medicines or medical treatments. 

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Health Benefits of Cannabis

Here is a list of the most common Medical and Health Benefits of Cannabis

  • Shrinks Tumors
  • Reverses Cancer
  • Reverses Glaucoma
  • Improves Lung Health (even from cigarette smoking)
  • Reduces Occurrence and Severity of Epileptic Seizures
  • Decreases Dravet’s Syndrome
  • Relieves Anxiety Symptoms
  • Helps Reverse Depression Feelings
  • Eases Pain of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Helps Ease Muscle Spasms
  • Natural Pain Reliever
  • Gives Relief from other medical treatments like Chemo and Hep C
  • Helps people recover from IBD
  • Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • Helps Heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Helps Heal Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis
  • Boosts Your Metabolism (natural weight loss)
  • Helpful against Lupus and Autoimmune Disorders (RA and PA)
  • Helpful against Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Helpful against Parkinson’s disease symptoms
  • Helps relieve symptoms of PTSD
  • Protects the Brain after a Stroke (may help prevent it too)
  • Helps the brain recover from concussions and head trauma
  • Helps Eliminate nightmares
  • Reduces Nausea from pregnancy, chemo, radiation and chemical medicines
  • Stimulates a healthy appetite
  • Helps reduce the urge to drink or smoke cigarettes
  • And much, much more!

That’s more natural healing than you can shake a stick at! It is a natural wonder herb that is non habit forming and gives you unmatched health benefits more than any other substance on earth!


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Cannabis Extract

Choosing a natural cannabis extract is rather easy now. I always recommend getting the highest purest and highest quality, with the highest ratio of cannabinoid extract per serving. Organic or Non-GMO Natural Cannabis is always best, never use a synthetic cannabis product. If you have muscle pain, joint pain or even itchy skin, an organic CBD cream (like the Empe USA Organic CBD Cream pictured above) works like nothing else you’ve ever tried. 


You can even apply it topically if you are suffering with a skin condition or rub it into your joints for arthritis relief.Do make sure that the hemp seed extract capsules have at least 15mg per serving to be effective for healing and medicinal purposes. You want a full spectrum cannabis extract so it will give you all of the benefits you can possibly get.


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Turmeric CBD Oil

Turmeric CBD Oil (pictured above) is quickly becoming the “go to” natural solution to inflammation and pain relief. They work through different pathways in your body; the cbd oil satisfies the pain relief signal in your brain and nervous system while the turmeric extract does it at the tissue or cell level. They are both potent natural anti-inflammatories that can not only relieve your pain, but actually produce a natural healing effect in your body that is unmatched by any other substance, including the prescription medicines with harmful side effects. You don’t need to worry about feeling “out of it” as it does it without disrupting your mental clarity. You simply feel good while you are healing your body!


CBD Turmeric extract works extremely well for arthritis pain, tendonitis, muscle pain, joint pain, and speeds healing from injuries or even medical procedures. Each capsule provides 25 mg CBD Oil and 10 mg Turmeric Extract (30 capsules per bottle.) It is not as economical as turmeric or curcumin extract because Organic CBD Oil is a lot harder to extract and purify, but boy does it work! If you want serious pain relief that is even guaranteed this is it!


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CBD Hemp Oil

If you prefer taking CBD Hemp Oil instead of live extracts then you can use the cannabidiol instead. I really like Organica CBD Oil (pictured above) because it is the highest quality and you can get it in the highest strength also, up to 5,000 mg, for serious pain relief or cancer relief. It has a natural nutty flavor that tastes great, easy to carry with you, and is the best delivery method because you get better absorption through your sublingual and sides of the cheek than going through your digestive tract.  This fully organic cannabidiol cbd hemp seed oil is a full spectrum cannabis oil extract that activates both CBD1 and CBD2 receptors. 


Living a healthy and happy life is your birthright! You should be able to use any natural organic product you choose, without anyone saying you can’t. The heck with a system that doesn’t like you to be healthy, happy and healed naturally. We don’t need them anymore. Use your hemp seed extract and cannabis oil and you won’t be seeing a medical doctor anytime soon, barring a physical injury! It is easiest to carry with you, and all you need is some drops under your tongue to get the benefits of CBD hemp oil. An ounce of prevention is certainly worth more than pounds of cure later. Make sure you chose organic CBD oil because of the chemicals in those sprayed with pesticides or GMO hemp. For pure pharmaceutical grade hemp CBD oil products visit: CBD Hemp Oil.


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Buy Cannabis Oil Online

Where to Buy Cannabis Oil Online? Thanks to so much medical research that can no longer be ignored, and new legislation that realizes that fact, it is now legal to buy CBD Hemp oil online. You can get the highest quality cannabis oil, CBD Oil, hemp seed extracts and other goodies online at the best prices too.


I recommend taking the CBD quiz so you can get the right CBD Oil, Cream, Salve, Gummies, Treats for yourself or even your pet! Click on the image below to take the short quiz and see which is the best organic cbd oil for you or visit: Best CBD Assessment.


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