Carbon 60

Carbon 60

Have you heard about the amazing health and natural healing benefits of Carbon 60Carbon 60 or simply C60 for short, is currently taking the supplement world by storm. C60 has been shown in lab tests (and some human studies now too) to do everything from increase lifespan to prevent chronic inflammation, boost your immune system and stop the cause of pain. It protects against cancers, premature aging, and DNA damage. It can help you look and feel better than you ever have. It is the most potent antiaging antioxidant known to science.

But what is Carbon 60 and how does it work to increase lifespan and help alleviate inflammation and dis-ease? You're about to discover the most potent antioxidant and life extension supplement since the discovery of glutathione. It is available in everything now from Carbon 60 in olive oil (the one that has been shown in laboratory test to double the lifespan of animals) to C60 capsules (an easy way to get the benefits of C60 into your body for healing) and C60 topical creams for anti-aging effects, like improving skin elasticity and reversing wrinkles. 

what is carbon 60

What is C60?

What is C60? Scientific researchers first discovered the Carbon 60 molecule in 1985. This important discovery drew significant attention – but not for its health benefits (that were unknown at the time.) Instead the researchers were captivated by the molecule's unique shape and molecular properties. C60 is an extremely stable molecule that can withstand really high temperatures and crushing pressure with relative ease. Carbon 60 enthralled the scientific research community so much that they awarded the discovers a Nobel Prize in 1996.


Since then, Carbon 60 has found its way into all sorts of non-health related uses, including as a high grade lubricant, and a polymer additive and for hydrogen storage. Subsequent research reveals that C60 is highly efficient at removing up free radicals, which are the main cause of aging and oxidative damage in your body. But the health community in France really started to take notice of Carbon 60 in the year 2011 and discovered how it could extend lifespan of animals tested in laboratories. It is now used for human (and animal) consumption to increase longevity, reduce chronic inflammation, and help restore your DNA to its natural healthy state. The effect is visible in your skin, your largest organ.


buckminster fullerene


Buckminsterfullerene is the brilliant discovery of the C60 or Carbon 60 molecule. It is named after Buckminster Fuller. You can see the history of the buckminsterfullerene (pictured above) at the site: Buckminsterfullerene History. It was discovered by Sir Harry Kroto, the winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this amazing discovery. He called them Buckyballs in honor of Buckminster Fuller (the architect that used geodesic domes as one of the most powerful shapes for building structures.) They are highly stable and strong enough to withstand extreme heat and pressure.


They were later discovered to have immense anti-aging effects (lengthens telomeres and prevents telomere shortening, your body's markers of aging and when to start creating abnormal DNA and cells.) It is so important to keep your body intact in the way it was created to be. It is an antioxidant to the human body that flushed out free radicals that cause aging effects on all your body's tissues and organs.

carbon 60 antioxidant

C60 Antioxidant

The most powerful antioxidant known to science is the C60 Antioxidant. It is because of carbon 60's unique structure and properties that allow it to quench free radicals and prevent premature aging. It can even increase lifespan (proven in animals and is showing extreme promise in current human studies now too.) It creates stability in all cells (including your DNA cells) so they don't degenerate as they normally do with aging.


The effects of oxidation and dis-ease (the cause of aging) can take years to manifest in your body, and once it does it is normally hard to reverse. The damage to your cells and body from an excess of free radicals manifests as conditions such as chronic inflammation, pain, soreness, chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes and high blood sugar levels, heart disease, cancer, viruses and infections, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, sunburn, premature aging, scleroderma, autism, chronic wounds and psoriasis. All chronic diseases are in linked to excess free radical damage. The C60 supplement can stop this damage and protect all your cells from premature aging and degeneration. 


Here are some benefits of the C60 antioxidant on human health:

  • Increases Longevity (Prevents Telomere Shortening)
  • Anti-Aging effects on all cells including skin
  • Arthritis Pain Relief
  • Brain Booster (Improves Cognitive Memory)
  • Cancer healing and reversal
  • CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
  • Detoxification (Natural Detox, good for Radiation)
  • Diabetes (and Pre-Diabetes)
  • Heart Health
  • Infections (Bacteria, Fungal, Virus)
  • Immune System Booster (Good Covid and Pandemic prevention supplement)
  • Kidney Health
  • Lung Health
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Nervous System Protector (helps restore damaged nerves)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stress Reliever (Balances Stress Hormones)
  • And much, much more!

C60 can help you prevent and treat a lot of conditions you are facing today. It can help any other supplement you are taking work even better through better absorption. It is a potent substance with almost no side effects. Oxidative Stress weakens your body and that's when viruses can take over and cause autoimmune conditions. (Known as Cytokine Storm and Cell Damage.)


Carbon 60 prevents this oxidative stress and protects you against virus invasion resulting in inflammatory damage. When there is an excessively exaggerated immune response, it is referred to as a cytokine storm. “A cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines). In a viral, coronavirus or flu infection, it is associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. High levels of free radicals (ROS) promote a pathological inflammatory response.” C60 Antioxidants can block oxidative damage.

carbon 60 and cancer

C60 and Cancer

Carbon 60 has a potent cancer quenching effect (see above picture) that is being used to help safely eradicate cancer in the human and animal studies. Cancer is frequently due to viruses, toxins and free radical damage that has not been treated for and so your body creates tumors to wall off the damaged or auto-immune related tissue growth.


Carbon 60 addresses the cause of all these cancer causes so the effects (malignant tumors) no longer have a reason to exist. It protects all cells in your body so your body can do what it is supposed to. It keeps your immune system working the way it should and helps prevent it from being hijacked by viruses or toxins that lead to malformed DNA. For more information see Carbon 60 and Cancer.


Side Effects

Are there any C60 Side effects? There are no known side effects of Carbon 60 supplementation. It is relatively new as a health supplement but the effects seem to be protective and the benefits of C60 far outweigh any potential side effects. There are no known side effects of carbon 60 in animal studies either so that is very re-assuring. I've been using it for a month now, since I discovered it being available as a C60 supplement.


I can only talk about the apparent benefits of Carbon 60 because that is all I am seeing and feeling now. It has made a visible difference to my skin (particularly my face, which had some deep wrinkling around my eyes) and I feel better than ever, more energy and clarity too. It is an immunity booster so in this age of “Covid” and pandemics I'd always keep some on hand.

carbon 60 supplement

C60 Supplement

You can now get the very best organic C60 Supplement. There are many types of C60 Supplement uses and formulas but the ones that have been tested and shown to give the longevity, anti-aging and health benefits are the C60 in Olive Oil liquids and capsules. It is the #1 best thing you can do to improve your health and stop the ravages of aging on your skin, cells, organs and body. It protects you against aging from the cellular level (telomere lengthening) protects you against immune threats, against effects of cellular oxidation that causes aging and physical and mental decline.


Carbon 60 is the best antiaging supplement you can find anywhere and when you actually try it for yourself you will visibly see the effects on your skin (and so will those around you.) People have noticed how glowing my skin is now and asked me what my secret is (and I've only been using it for one month.) Start protecting and healing your body from the inside out and look and feel like you know you should now. The best place to get it is online. You can get the very best C60 supplement in capsules, C60 in olive oil, or C60 in topical creams at the best price here: Best C60 Supplement

Carbon 60 serum

C60 Serum

C60 Serum is an Anti-Aging and wrinkle removing serum. I have been using it for a month now and I can visibly see the reduction of wrinkles around my eyes (were deep wrinkles) and even some dark spots that have lightened. It makes your skin so radiant and healthy looking. It penetrated into the dermal layers where it restores proper skin function. It penetrates deep in your dermal (deep skin layers) so it can rejuvenate damaged skin cells and malformed DNA from oxidative damage.


C60 serum is the most potent antiaging cream or serum known to science. It has the most powerful structure that is virtually indestructible by viral infection or oxidation damage. It heals all organs including your skin (your larges organ) so you can actually see it working for you in real time. Carbon 60 serum can be used under the C60 moisturizer (shown below) for complete skin health. The best anti-aging skin cream regimen I've ever used. You can get it at the best price here: Best C60 Anti-Aging Serum

carbon 60 anti-aging cream

C60 Moisturizer

C60 Moisturizer. Carbon 60 is a very potent anti-aging moisturizing cream. It is skin firming, anti-wrinkle cream that has the most potent antioxidant (C60) and is toning, rejuvenating, lifting and can be used day and night. It is the most protective cream against the ravages of aging, like cellular oxidation, ultraviolet sun ray penetration and damage, DNA damage and prevents malignant tumors (skin cancers) because it is so potent against the viruses, toxins and environmental damage caused to your skin.


Your skin just soaks it up and gives it a healthy and protective glow. I use it before I go out in the sun and before I go to sleep to help regenerate new healthy skin cells. I also use it with the C60 Serum, which is shown above. They work well individually but I love using them together as the serum is stronger and can be used under the carbon 60 moisturizer. You can discover all the benefits of this c60 anti-aging cream here: Best C60 Anti-aging Moisturizer

C60 Capsules

C60 Olive Oil Capsules

C60 Olive Oil Capsules. Carbon 60 in olive oil capsules is the most convenient way to get the C60 supplement into your body and daily health regimen. It is the most potent life extension natural supplement you will ever use. It works quickly too as you can see the benefits of Carbon 60 in days on your skin.


You can now get the easiest way to use C60, which is in Carbon 60 capsules. They are ready made with the exact amount of C60 shown to improve lifespan and give natural health benefits. You just take them as described on the label and you get all the health benefits of C60 in capsules. To see all the details on C60 Capsules with olive oil see: Best C60 Olive Oil Capsules

C60 in Olive Oil


C60 Olive Oil

C60 Olive Oil. Carbon 60 in Olive Oil is the way that is scientifically proven to increase lifespan, longevity and give you a laundry list of health benefits. It is also referred to as Fullerene solution (after Buckminster Fuller.) You just use the Carbon 60 Olive Oil supplement (there are also C60 in Black Seed oil and other oils but the Carbon 60 in Olive Oil is the one that has been shown to increase lifespan and longevity.


It has a very mild taste when using the C60 in olive oil supplement. I actually prefer the C60 capsules but both are critical if you want to stay as youthful (in mind and body) as you possibly can for as long as you can. It is the #1 antiaging and health protective supplement you can get now. You can get the very best C60 Olive Oil at the best price here: Best C60 in Olive Oil

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C60 Reviews

C60 Reviews. C60 is such a potent antioxidant and antiaging supplement that you can see the effects almost immediately. Here are a few Carbon 60 supplement reviews of people that are actually seeing and feeling the health benefits of C60 in a big way:

Check out the C60 Supplements below and you can get the most potent antiaging supplement you've ever used working to protect your health today. You will be absolutely amazed at how great you look and feel almost immediately!

where to buy carbon 60

Where to Buy C60

Where to Buy C60? Carbon 60 is the #1 antiaging supplement that has ever been created in science. Carbon 60 is still really hard to find even at the best health food stores now. The best place to get it is online. You can get the very best C60 supplement in capsules, C60 in olive oil, or C60 in topical creams at the best price here: Best C60 Supplement

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