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Aloe Vera Extract

What is Aloe Vera Extract and how can it help you look and feel better naturally? The Aloe Vera plant and it's uses as a beauty enhancer, protector and health rejuvenation is all through recorded history throughout almost all native cultures on the planet. The earliest known record of of Aloe Vera (aloe Barbadensis) is from ancient Egyptian records about  6,000 years ago, where it was revered so much for it's benefits it was called “plant of immortality.”


Aloe Vera Gel (from the inner leaves) is a major component of natural beauty products, particularly for the skin and hair. It has a special affinity for the tissues of your organs, and particularly your largest organ- your skin. Aloe vera juices are really refreshing and good for your whole body healing from the cellular level outward. Aloe Vera Extracts are powerful healing remedies for skin conditions, as well as stomach problems like acid reflux, gastritis and stomach ulcers.


Aloe Vera extract naturally coats, soothes and alkalizes and heals the lining of your whole gastro intestinal (GI) tract. It also naturally antiseptic so it is excellent for sunburns, scrapes, cuts, and expedited healing of all tissues, particularly skin cells.


Aloe Vera Nutrients


Aloe Vera Nutrition

Aloe Vera Nutrition. Aloe Vera has highly beneficial active ingredients like polysaccharides, glycoproteins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It offers mucopolysaccharides, in their most active from known as glycosaminoglycan's (GAGs.) It is really rich in important minerals like natural absorbable forms of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium, manganese and potassium. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B12, and important brain and blood building cofactors like folic acid and choline.


Aloe Vera extract also contains 20 of the 22 amino acids that your body requires for complete protein synthesis (new nerve and tissue regeneration.) It also has all of the 8 essential amino acids that your body can't synthesize (make) on it's own and important enzymes to help your stomach break down foods for proper digestion and helps prevent arthritis and bone spurs. Aloe Vera is a beneficial plant to have around your home, and as a supplement an essential one, as we all have stomach aches occasionally and cuts, scrapes and wounds that we want to heal without infection. And who doesn't love looking their best with beautiful, radiant skin.


Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera Uses

Aloe Vera Uses are plentiful; particularly for anti-aging, tight smooth skin, strong shining hair and cellular regeneration. You can use Aloe Vera for so many things, so we're going to show the skin and hair related uses for aloe vera here and the health and healing benefits of aloe vera in a section below. Here are the most common uses of Aloe Vera juice, gel and extracts to help you look more youthful, radiant and glowing:

  • Acne
  • Burn Relief
  • Bruise Relief
  • Sunburn Relief
  • Insect Bites
  • Frostbite
  • Skin Rashes
  • Skin softener
  • Blister Relief
  • Skin Allergies
  • Moisturizer
  • Prevents scarring and stretch marks
  • Shrinks warts
  • Reverse signs of aging skin and wrinkles. Cleopatra did!
  • Brighten skin. Aloe can decrease pigmentation and dark spots
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Reduces Dandruff
  • Smoother Silkier Hair
  • Wound Healing (speeds healing from cuts, scrapes, sores)
  • And much, much more!

As you can see organic Aloe Vera Extract and leaf has some very impressive benefits that you can use to improve your health and appearance on many levels right now! 


Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair


Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin

Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin health, healing and rejuvenation. As shown above, aloe vera extracts help you regenerate new skin cells through all dermal layers (dermis, sub-dermis and epidermis) to give you strong, elastic and youthful skin from the inside out. You can use aloe vera pure gel directly on your skin as it's a natural food as well. Anything you put on your skin should be edible as you absorb it into your bloodstream! Organic is always preferred, or at least wildcrafted (found int the wild, without being sprayed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides which age and damage your skin.


An easy way to get healthier skin is to take and extract internally and use an organic neem oil and aloe vera soap externally. That way you are getting rid of the old and replacing it with new regenerated healthy skin cells. It will make your skin naturally glowing and safely exfoliate dead skin cells and nourish the new ones and naturally encourage healthy new skin growth. See: Organic Neem Aloe Soap.


Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair

Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair is the second most used reason for taking aloe vera extracts and using aloe vera containing hair products. It nourishes your hair follicles with important hair vitamins like cysteine, and minerals like manganese, and enzymes that keep your hair shaft free from excess oils that stop growth. It gives your hair a beautiful natural shine and silky smooth texture and feel When your skin and hair are healthy you are generally healthy as your health shows in the outer parts of your body last, and mirrors how healthy your inner cells are.


Health Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera Health Benefits

Aloe Vera Health Benefits are truly impressive! Since it is so full of absorbable nutrition it is no wonder why it does so much to heal and balance your body from the cellular level outward. It rejuvenates every organ in your body, and the easiest way to know that it is working so well for you is through your largest organ, your skin! Your skin, hair and eyes show how healthy your internal health culture is, that's why aloe vera extract is such a powerful anti-aging natural plant and supplement.


Aloe vera extract, juice, and gel help your body on so many levels. Here is what organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis extract helps you prevent or heal from naturally:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief
  • Asthma and Allergies
  • Athlete's Foot
  • Blood Sugar lowering
  • Reduces High Cholesterol (balances to optimum levels of HDL/LDL)
  • Cancer (induces cell death, and stops new cancer tumor cell growth)
  • Colitis
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
  • Digestive Helper (Gas, bloating, digestion)
  • Eczema
  • EENT (Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat Tissue Healing and Anti-Inflammatory)
  • Gums and Teeth
  • Heartburn
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Herpes Blisters, Cold Sores and Outbreaks
  • Liver Regeneration (Your skin and liver are very connected)
  • Reduces IBS symptoms
  • Relieves Indigestion
  • Natural Laxative
  • Metabolic Disorder
  • Natural Immunity Booster
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Skin Rejuvenator (helpful for skin disorders)
  • UTI's
  • Vaginitis Relief
  • Wound Healing (speeds healing from cuts, scrapes, sores)
  • And much, much more!

As you can see this amazing aloe vera extract from the aloe plant has some very impressive benefits that you can use to improve your health and performance on many levels right now! 


aloe vera weight loss


Benefits of Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Weight Loss are great because it is a natural laxative that helps your body release stored fats and plaques that get stuck in your gastrointestinal walls. It is naturally healing to your digestive system so you absorb your food much easier and actually get the nutrition from it. When you get the nutrition from your foods, you feel less hungry and are fully satisfied.


When you're still hungry it is usually because your body is still nutrient deficient. Aloe vera extract helps you on so many levels restore your natural set-point and balance. It has hormones releasers (auxins and gibberellins) that are stomach anti-inflammatories that help you avoid feeling bloated after eating. They help your body work the way it should ideally, and you lose weight naturally without doing much else.  .


Aloe Vera for Acid Reflux


Aloe Vera for Stomach Ulcers

Aloe Vera for Stomach Ulcers and Acid Reflux. Aloe vera extract is an extremely acid quenching alkaline substance that heals your skin, inside your stomach lining to your external skin. It heals all skin and muscle cells. It smothers infections with its antiseptic action and coats your whole gastrointestinal tract with it's cool and hydrating healing cellular structure.


Acids can eat away your stomach lining, and so can particular bacteria like e-coli and botulism organisms. They cause inflammation so your stomach burns and doesn't digest anything. Aloe Vera extract balances your whole stomach and GI system so not only does it help your stomach but it even helps prevent IBS symptoms.


Aloe Vera Juice Organic

Aloe Vera Juice Organic and Non-GMO is a good way to get some cooling and soothing aloe vera leaf juice into your stomach and body for total body healing and wellness. You can now find it a most quality health food stores and even some good grocery stores. Always opt for organic as you want to heal and soothe not add more toxins into your body. GMO foods and supplements can be harmful to your health, see: What is GMO.


If you can't find Aloe Vera Extract or Gel in your local store, then you can get a liquid aloe vera juice extract online and just add it to your filtered water or juice and it will give your body some enormous healing and rejuvenation benefits. For more information on getting the best of Organic Aloe Vera Juice Liquid Extracts visit: Organic Hawaiian Aloe Juice.


pure aloe vera juice


Aloe Vera Extract Gel Pure

Aloe Vera Extract Gel Pure is wonderful external aloe vera extract for healing, protecting and rejuvenating your skin. It is an astringent oil, antibacterial and deeply cooling, soothing and healing to your skin. It has a very pleasant fresh smell as well. It is easily absorbed and fully absorbed into all layers of your skin to promote healing from the deepest levels to the surface of your skin. The Jade essential oil brand is optimum because they use organic sources or wildcrafted and are therapeutic quality for natural beauty and healing purposes. For more information see: Jade Pure Aloe Vera Gel.


Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is the pure active ingredient of the aloe vera extract inner leaves and gel. It gives you all the nutrition as well as the beauty and healing effects of aloe vera without having to get a plant and filet the leaves yourself. I love using both. For skin irritations I have quite a few of these aloe vera plant around my home and they help when I get a little sunburned from being in the sun or pool too long.


For stomach issues, and whole body healing, nothing beats the concentrated organic aloe vera extract supplement in liquid or capsule form. I love looking my best and aloe vera is one of mother nature's best natural healing plants for that purpose. 


Aloe Vera Extract


Aloe Vera Supplement

What is the Best Aloe Vera Supplement? Well, choosing an organic aloe vera inner leaf extract gives you the best benefits of Aloe Barbadensis without any harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial anything. Always choose organic and with the highest purity and a minimum 10% acemannan content (the active ingredient in aloe vera leaf extract and gel, the higher the percentage the more healing.)


You can get these extracts in either capsules, tablets or liquid extracts depending on which is easiest for you to take. Using Aloe Capsules is an easy to take them. The best Aloe Vera Capsules use the whole inner leaf, which is the part that has all the skin healing and natural medicinal benefits. 


Aloe Vera Extract


Aloe Vera Capsules

Aloe Vera Capsules (Organic Aloe Barbadensis inner leaf extract) is the easiest way to take aloe vera extract. You can even dissolve the capsules in hot water to make an instant healing drink! It feels naturally soothing to your stomach when you take it. It helps prepare your stomach for digestion with prebiotics (the precursor to probiotics) so you digest your food fully without bloating and get the nutrition out of it.


Aloe Vera capsules help your stomach feel naturally full because of being able to get the nutrition that you normally don't get if your have stomach or gastrointestinal issues. This is one of the best things I have ever tried for acid reflux and stomach ulcers. It just feels good and soothing to your stomach!


Aloe Vera Extract is also part of the Colon Detox Plus formula (pictured below), that will help your whole GI (gastro-intestinal tract from mouth, to esophagus, to stomach to colon! You can get it with all the best gut health restoring herbs, including Aloe Vera extract in capsules. Click on the image below and heal your whole gut today!


colon detox plus

Natural Weight Loss - Exipure


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