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Best Iron Supplement

Iron is important for brain and heart health. Choosing the Best Iron Supplement can help you perform better on the job as well as during physical fitness exercises or sporting events. It is highly critical during pregnancy, since it is necessary for proper brain and heart development. About 30% of the population are deficient in iron.


Low iron levels can lead to anemia. You can get iron from eating certain foods but it can be hard to assimilate or digest from plant sources. That’s why supplementation is so important for iron. You want to make sure you keep this mineral in proper balance for optimum health and performance.



What Does Iron Do For Your Body?

So what does iron do for your body? Elemental iron is a critical mineral for your body. Hemoglobin is major part of your red blood cells (RBC) that uses iron to transport oxygen throughout your body to produce energy and cellular respiration. As you’re aware oxygen (O2) is essential for the life of every cell in your body. 


When you breathe or inhale air, the oxygen in the atmosphere goes into your lungs and is carried to every cell of your body. Because of lack of nutrients in our foods, choosing the best iron supplement can help you stay healthy for the long term.


iron deficiency anemia


Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

What is iron deficiency and what are the symptoms of iron deficiency? Iron deficiency is a physical condition from having too little iron in your body. Actually iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the whole world and the #1 cause of anemia in the United States. Over 2 billion people in the world are iron deficient. Here are the most common signs of iron deficiency:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Feeling Irritable for No Reason
  • Becoming Easily Impatient
  • Feeling Tired or Lethargic
  • Trouble Sleeping (Chronic Insomnia)
  • Muscle Twitching (Particularly Restless Leg Syndrome)
  • Not Feeling Like Eating or Strange Cravings
  • Feeling Brain Dead or Lack of Energy
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Dizziness or Nausea
  • Sore Tongue

Most of these symptoms are due to your body being starved of oxygen because of low iron content in your blood. You can feel better almost immediately by adding iron rich foods to your diet and adding a non-toxic form of iron supplement that is easily absorbable. Doing these two things can help balance your iron levels and prevent iron deficiency anemia.


iron supplement benefits


Iron Health Benefits

What are the most common Iron Health Benefits? Supplemental iron is critical to energy, mental and physical tasks require a lot of available oxygen to think clearly and act energetically. Here is what taking iron can do for you:

  • Increase Oxygen Levels In Your Body
  • Helps Brain and Nervous System
  • Helps You Breathe Easier
  • Prevents and Reverses Anemia
  • Helps Cure Insomnia
  • Boosts Your Immune System
  • Boosts Your Energy Levels and Metabolism
  • Boosts Mental Clarity 
  • Helps Stop Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

Boost your iron intake and you will get a health boost you can feel. Iron comes in many different sources, animal proteins, particularly red meats, and plant sources (vegan iron or vegetarian iron.)  


heme vs non heme iron


Types of Iron Supplements

There are two main types of iron supplements, heme iron and non-heme iron. The heme refers to hemoglobin, the nutrient that makes your red blood cells look red. You can get dietary iron from either animal or plant sources, or Heme vs Non Heme Iron sources.


Heme vs Non Heme Iron

So what is the difference between Heme vs Non Heme Iron in foods and supplements? Heme iron comes from animal sources, particularly red meats and organ meats. It can be highly absorbable if it comes from animals who eat natural foods (grass fed, pasture raised) without added chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, which do more harm to your body (and theirs) than good.


Non heme iron sources are vegan or plant sources. These are easily absorbed when organically grown and produced and taken with other foods that give a provide a whole meal and nutritional balance. Balance is key for maximum absorption, so good food combining, health proteins with healthy fats and quality carbohydrates will help your body get the most out of it all.


iron in foods


Food Sources of Iron

If you are consuming animal proteins, make sure you go for quality not quantity. The quality and absorbability of it depends on the quality of the meat you consume. Factory farmed animal products contain lower levels of absorbable iron and other nutrients, and usually contain toxic heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones and other things that can really sap your health and physical appearance. If you chose these food sources of iron, get organic, pasture raised and grass fed. It is not only better for you, but is better for our whole planet. 


I’m sure you’re aware of Popeye getting his strength after eating a can of spinach (and yes, back then it was organic and all health promoting). Well spinach, chia seeds, kale, mushrooms, spirulina and tomatoes are great ways to increase your iron levels and prevent anemia symptoms from ever slowing you down. Add red fruits and vegetables to your diet and add some thyme, echinacea and fulvic acid to boost your iron absorption to prevent anemic conditions.


non heme iron


Vegan Iron Supplement

If you’re health conscious then choosing the best non heme iron supplement is a no brainer. You can get a high quality non heme vegan iron supplement with maximum absorption levels in a formula that is gentle on your stomach. Iron Fuzion is a natural vegan iron supplement from 100% pure vegan sources of iron that gives your body the absorbable iron it needs to keep you healthy, active and alert for whatever you need to accomplish in your life.


iron fuzion


Natural Iron Supplement

Iron Fuzion is a non heme vegan natural iron supplement from organic plant sources. It has specific herbs included that boost iron absorption for maximum benefit. Organic thyme and echinacea root help the iron work best in your body in a way that is easy on your stomach and floods your body with healthy iron for increased oxygen levels and sustained energy levels.


Iron Fuzion uses all natural organic iron extracts from Indian curry tree leaves that have immense health benefits and absorbability levels. It will keep you free from getting anemic, and boost your immune system. Feel it naturally increase your energy levels (mind and body) and lift the brain fog and lethargy you may be feeling when iron deficient. It can even improve you skin tone because of the increased availability of oxygen to your skin (your largest organ.) For more information on how to get this vegan source iron supplement blend see: Iron Fuzion.

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