Best Calcium Magnesium Supplement



Best Calcium Magnesium Supplement

The Best Calcium Magnesium Supplement uses the form that is most absorbable and in the exact ratio your body needs to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Calcium and Magnesium are probably the most important duo of minerals that we need most to keep our bodies (and minds) strong, active and flexible. You used to be able to get enough of these important minerals in your diet from simply eating healthy and balanced meals. That is no longer the case. The minerals that your body needs are no longer present in a high enough quantity in the soils our food grows in. 


Calcium supplements come in many forms or bonding, which affects how it is absorbed by your body. If calcium supplements are not absorbed properly, they end up causing more problems than benefits. The cheaper and most common forms of calcium are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. These types of calcium supplements don’t dissolve easily in your body and can end up creating calcium deposits in your joints (arthritis,) arteries (arteriosclerosis,) brain, glands and organs. 


Magnesium supplements also come in many types. The most common being magnesium glycinate and magnesium oxide. These aren’t as harmful as their calcium counterparts but you are not going to get the benefits of your magnesium supplement if you take these forms. So, which are the best forms of calcium and magnesium to take, that are absorbed fully so you get all the benefits without creating excess deposits in your body? The orotate form is by far the best! 


Calcium Orotate vs Citrate


Calcium Orotate vs Calcium Citrate

Calcium Orotate vs Calcium Citrate. Calcium Citrate (acidic base) along with Calcium Carbonate (alkaline base) are the most common forms of calcium you find in supplement or added in handfuls to foods, even orange juice. This type of calcium is found in marine animal shells, snails, eggshells, limestone and even rocks. It has the highest percentage of calcium per unit (35-40%), but is easily digested and absorbed by your body. It also requires you to produce extra stomach acid to be used.


Dr. Hans A. Nieper, has discovered that orotates like magnesium and calcium orotate minerals are able to penetrate your cells walls or membranes so it can deliver the minerals right into the cell nucleus and mitochondria. That means it is able to be fully used for your body’s electrical signals (brain and nervous system) and to create DNA and RNA so your cells can replicate properly. This give this form a huge advantage over every other type of mineral delivery system. Always look for orotates if you can find them!


magnesium orotate vs magnesium glycinate


Magnesium Orotate vs Glycinate

Magnesium Orotate vs Glycinate. Magnesium Orotate has the highest bioavailability and has the most elemental magnesium per serving. The orotates are mineral salts (orotic acid) that are naturally found in your body. They are electrolytes that help carry nutrients through your body is a natural way that your body recognizes as natural. Most of these orotate molecules can pass through cell walls without being broken apart and deliver the much needed minerals where they need to go. That’s why they’re the top type of mineral carrier available.


Glycinate is a chelated or buffered type of magnesium that is probably the second best type because it is absorbed really well. Magnesium is probably the most essential mineral to our diet. It absolutely needs to be supplemented because unlike calcium, it is usually not added to foods. Cheap or junk calcium carbonate or citrate is in everything and is highly out of balance in most people’s bodies. It can end up crystallizing and causing kidney stones, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, excess plaque formations and constant cramps. Calcium orotate is highly beneficial as it is needed to properly absorb magnesium. Balance is the most important thing, so don’t get the calcium fortified items you find in the store, use the orotates and be much healthier because of it.


Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium


Calcium Magnesium Benefits

Calcium Magnesium Benefits. This is the most important natural mineral duo you need to be adding to your daily diet. It will keep you healthy, strong and flexible for years to come. Here is a simple list of the Benefits of using natural Calcium Magnesium Orotate:

  • Relieves Muscle Cramps (good for night cramps)
  • Natural Insomnia Relief (you sleep better)
  • Provides Natural Stress Relief (Non-Sedative Calmness)
  • Natural Mood Balancer (increases mental alertness)
  • Prevents Osteoporosis and brittle bones
  • Improves Brain Function (cognition)
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Risk of Fracture
  • Improves Bone Health
  • Strengthens Your Teeth
  • Naturally Relieves Anxiety and Panic
  • Helps You Metabolize Iron
  • Helpful for Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Helps You Sleep Better
  • You Just Feel Better!

After taking these orotate based minerals I feel so much more stable when I workout. My mood is more even and balance and I even sleep better too. Not bad for just one simple natural health supplement.


How to Stop Leg Cramps at Night


How to Stop Leg Cramps

The second most common usage of this mineral blend is for How to Stop Leg Cramps at Night (or day.) It is mostly the magnesium orotate in this formula that is giving so many people cramp relief. It works well if you take it before you go to sleep and it will not only help prevent painful calf and leg cramps, but help you get a more relaxed and full night’s sleep. It calms you mind naturally.


Before I discovered the Calcium Magnesium Orotate blend I would take regular Epsom salt baths and that did help too. Now I don’t have to take a bath if I don’t want to. I would get leg cramps when I did exercises at the gym too, but now they are really rare (usually because I forgot to take my supplement before working out.) Self massage with heat and some organic essential oils can help too. 


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Calcium Magnesium Orotate Supplements

Calcium Magnesium Orotate Supplements are the type you should always use. The orotate allows the minerals to go where the need to go and be fully absorbed. These won’t end up in your kidneys like the cheaper carbonate and citrate types. The Best Calcium Magnesium Orotate Supplements are the ones made by GHC like Intracal. It has been heavily researched to be the exact right type, ration and dosage for your body so all is absorbed, nothing is wasted and nothing unnecessary is stored in your body.


They are thoroughly tested by people with deficiencies to make sure they are working. Just look at all the reviews and an overall 5 star rating because of how well it works compared to every other type of calcium magnesium supplement you can get. Look no further, this is the one!


calcium magnesium supplement



Which is the best Intracal. Make sure you get LO and not LC! Lithium Carbonate (LC) builds up rapidly in your brain and bloodstream and becomes highly toxic. On the other hand Lithium Orotate (LO) is the safe mineral form to use for positive mental health benefits. GHC’s Lithium Orotate is the type of natural lithium recommended by leading natural psychologists and holistic health practitioners because it flat out outperforms all prescription medicines for anxiety, depression, stress and compulsive behaviors.


It uses a standardized lithium orotate in capsule form that is the right dosage 10mg that you need to get a naturally calm yet focused state of awareness. Clear, Calm, Productive and feeling good the whole time. Non-addictive natural anxiety and depression remedy. This is by far the best Lithium Orotate you can get.  It’s absolutely guaranteed to work for you (180 days unconditional, hassle free money back guarantee) and free delivery too! Get yours here at the following link: Intracal Calcium Magnesium Orotate.


calcium magnesium orotate


best lithium orotate

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