Milk Thistle Extract


milk thistle extract


Silymarin Milk Thistle

What is Milk Thistle Extract? Milk Thistle is a weed that has many medicinal or health promoting and natural healing benefits. Milk Thistle Extract or Silymarin Milk Thistle Seed is the active ingredient that is used for healing purposes. It is a flowering plant that produces a beautiful bright blue flower on the top of a stem. It is in the same family as sunflowers and has been used medicinally by the ancient Greek physician and botanist Dioscorides since 200 A.D.


Milk Thistle is commonly used as a tea or taken in capsules for medicinal purposes. It has been around and in use as part of most ancient cultures who used it as a “cure-all” and natural remedy for accidental poisoning or illness. It is even sacred to a lot of native cultures and is even regarded as or called “Holy Thistle.” 


benefits of silymarin


Milk Thistle Benefits

There are a whole lot of very important benefits of milk thistle extract. It is one that you should take regularly as it’s relatively inexpensive and does so much good for your whole body. It protects you from a host of chronic diseases and conditions. It detoxes almost every organ in your body including your skin. It is commonly used for eczema and psoriasis natural treatments.


Milk Thistle Extract is rich with health benefits particularly for healing and restoring the liver, our master cleanser of the body. Your liver rids the bodies of toxins, heavy metals and other harmful things that would make us very ill or put us under if it entered the bloodstream unfiltered. It can become clogged due to excessive toxins that we encounter in our daily lives. Milk Thistle can help you keep your liver working to protect you night and day.  So what are the most common Milk Thistle Health Benefits?


milk thistle health benefits 


Milk Thistle Health Benefits

There are quite a few Milk Thistle Health Benefits you should know about:


  • #1 Natural Liver Detoxifier
  • Powerful Cancer Preventative
  • Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Helps Restore Optimal Cholesterol Levels
  • Soothes Skin Problems like Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Helps Reduce and Eliminate Kidney Stones and Gallstones
  • Energizes Your Gall Bladder
  • Helps Promote Healthy Cell Regeneration
  • Helpful Against The Negative Effects of Chemotherapy
  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Brightens and Nourishes Your Skin
  • Increases Natural Immunity
  • Antiaging Benefits
  • Helps Against The Effects of Oxidative Stress on Your Body
  • Helps Balance Hormonal Issues (Hot Flashes & Menopause Symptoms)
  • Is Helpful for Your Pets too!
  • And much, much more!


Milk Thistle Extract can also be combined with most other herbs and minerals for a synergistic effect. The Milk Thistle is powerful enough to help protect you from a lot of health conditions on it’s own though. 


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Milk Thistle Reviews

Milk Thistle Reviews the best of Milk Thistle Extract with the highest Silymarin content. You can get the health benefits of milk thistle extract by drinking it as a tea, or taking it as an extract. Other than drinking Milk Thistle Tea, the way to get most benefits is by taking an extract in capsule form. You can also add the powdered extract to a smoothie or soup if you don’t like capsules as much.


holy thistle


Best Milk Thistle

The best milk thistle extract comes from the seeds of the milk thistle plant, with the botanical name of silybum marianum. You should use at least 500mg of extract or 2,000mg of milk thistle seeds. I prefer the extract as you don’t have to take as much and less extra calories the better. It helps regenerate your liver, helps balance cholesterol levels, feed cardiac muscle and even is considered an anti-aging herb because it helps stop the free radical damage with premature aging. 


silymarin extract



Where to Buy Milk Thistle

Where to Buy Milk Thistle? You can find milk thistle tea, dried seeds, and extracts at some good health food store like Whole Foods or one of the natural inclined health food stores. You can get the highest concentration of pure milk thistle seed extract at a great price too by visiting the following page: Milk Thistle Extract.

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